What is Yukon Jack?

Yukon Jack Liquor is a Canadian Whiskey liqueur that has been infused with honey. Known as the Black Sheep Of Canadian Liquors, Yukon Jack features honey and citrus flavours, while finishing with a classic whiskey burn as it goes down your throat.

Yukon Jack is meant to be enjoyed on the rocks as you would Canadian Whiskey. The honey flavouring adds a touch of sweetness, as do the aromas of orange rind, however, the 40 proof whiskey still burns going down. Yukon Jack is also a popular ingredient in many cocktails and shooters. I strongly recommend never drinking Yukon Jack at room temperature. You’ll need it chilled to tame the strong honey and whiskey flavours!

Yukon Jack Drinks

What is the most popular Yukon Jack drink?

The Snakebite, which is a shooter mixing Yukon Jack with lime juice is by far the most popular Yukon Jack mixed drink. The honey flavouring of Yukon Jack makes it smooth going down, however, the tartness of the lime juice, and the high alcohol of the whiskey, bite you back on the finish!

Is Yukon Jack a Canadian Whiskey?

No, Yukon Jack is not considered a Whiskey. Yukon Jack is considered a Liqueur or a Flavoured Whiskey

The labelling in Canada (as seen above) specifies that it is a Liqueur. While American labelling (seen below) calls it a “Liqueur with Natural Whiskey Flavor”

What proof is Yukon Jack?

The original Yukon Jack can be between 40 proof and 50 proof depending on where it is sold. In Ontario, Canada, for example, Yukon Jack is sold at 40 proof. In America, Yukon Jack is often 50 proof.

What varieties of Yukon Jack exist?

The original Yukon Jack is the most popular Yukon Jack on the market in North America. However, Sazerac, the producer of Yukon Jack has branched out with its Liqueur and you’ll find:

  • Yukon Jack Barrel Proof (a 125 proof Liqueur)
  • Yukon Jack Rye
  • Yukon Jack Fire – Cinnamon flavoured
  • Yukon Jack Apple – Apple & Spice Flavoured
  • Yukon Jack Honey
  • Yukon Jack Perma Frost Schnapps – Peppermint and Cinnamon Schnapps
  • Yukon Jack Snakebite – (premade shot version of the popular snakebite shooter)

What is Similar to Yukon Jack?

Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey is the closest thing to Yukon Jack, however, they are only similar in taste. Jack Daniels tastes like a Bourbon blended with honey, while Yukon Jack tastes a bit more orangy and sharper.

Some people say Southern Comfort and Yukon Jack are similar in taste, but I somewhat disagree in that there is a noticeable difference. Southern Comfort is whiskey based, but, it has a fruitier sweetness which differs from Yukon Jack’s honeyed sweetness. Both Southern Comfort and Yukon Jack have citrus flavours, which in a way do make them similar.