Amaretto Breeze Cocktail

The Amaretto Breeze is made with Amaretto, Malibu Rum, Midori and Pineapple Juice. If you are looking for a refreshing tropical drink that uses Amaretto, look no further than the Amaretto Breeze. What is Midori? Midori is a Melon Liqueur made in Japan that is sweet and bright green. For this recipe any Melon Liqueur

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Dark ‘n Stormy Drink

A Dark and Stormy ingredients are 2 ounces of Gosling’s Black Seal rum and 5 ounces of Ginger Beer. Its flavours of a Dark ‘n Stormy are reminiscent of caramel, vanilla, and fruitcake, with a hint of ginger spiciness from the ginger beer. The sweetness of the rum complements the sharpness of the citrus perfectly,

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Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe

A Strawberry Daiquiri contains Strawberries, Lime Juice, and White Rum blended with ice and served in a sugar rimmed glass garnished with a lime wedge. A Strawberry Daiquiri is an refreshingly sweet and tart concoction that tantalizes the taste buds with its fruity flavor. The sweet and sour combination of rum, lime and strawberry blend

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