Irish Car Bomb Drink

An Irish Shot / Irish Slammer (formerly known as an Irish Car Bomb) is a mix of Irish Whiskey and Baileys cream liqueur in a shot glass which is dropped in a pint glass of Guinness. You then have to chug the whole drink before it curdles. Remember not to chip your teeth on the shot glass in your Guinness Beer.

The Irish Car Bomb is a popular drink on St. Patrick’s day in North America, however, it can be enjoyed when you’re looking for a little fun to take the edge off. This is not a drink you want to order at a pub in Ireland as the name is quite insensitive. It would be like walking into a bar in NY City and ordering a drink called a 9/11. As such, it has been rebranded as an Irish Shot.

Irish Shot

Recipe by Maurice Beaver
Prep time






  • 1/2 ounce of Baileys Irish Cream

  • 1/2 once of Irish Whiskey

  • 1 Pint of Guinness


  • Sip about 1/4 of your Guinness so there is room in your Pint Glass for the shot glass
  • Layer the Whiskey over the Baileys in a shot glass (so Bailey’s is on the bottom)
  • Drop the entire shot glass into your Guinness glass
  • Drink before the Bailey’s curdles (watch out you don’t chip your tooth on the shot glass in your pint glass)


    Is an Irish Shot the same as a Boilermaker?

    An Irish Shot is a type of Boilermaker. A Boilermaker refers to a cocktail where a shot of liquor is added to beer.

    Do I need to layer my Irish Shot?

    You don’t need to layer your Irish Shot if you were drinking this drink at home super fast. It’s best to layer your Irish shot if you are a bartender as the drink looks more presentable. Plus, layering the drink gives the Baileys a wee bit more time to not curdle with the Whiskey.

    Does an Irish Car Bomb Taste Like Chocolate Milk?

    An Irish Car Bomb tastes a little bit like Chocolate Milk. It tastes creamy, chocolatey, and a little bit bitter on the finish like dark chocolate.

    Why does Bailey’s Curdle in Whiskey?

    Bailey’s curdles in whiskey as Bailey’s is a cream based liqueur. The high alcohol content of Irish Whiskey mixes with the fats of the cream and ‘cooks’ them causing them to curdle. By the way, this is not a scientific explanation, I’m a bartender, not a chemist.

    What type of Irish Whiskey for an Irish Car Bomb?

    Drink Jameson’s if you are Catholic and Bushmills if you are Protestant (or at least that’s what the rumour is). If you are neither, any Irish Whiskey will work for an Irish Shot.