Black Tooth Grin Drink

A Black Tooth Grin is made with equal parts of Crown Royal and Seagram’s 7 Whiskey plus a small splash of cola. You only want to add enough Cola to make the drink a bit darker.

The Black Tooth Grin was a drink made famous by Dime Bag Darrell of Pantera Fame, and the name was taken from a Megadeth song called Sweating Bullets. Nearly two decades after Dime’s passing the Black Tooth Grin remains famous among metalheads as Dimebag was such a friendly and cool dude. If you watch Dave Grohl on his episode of First We Feast, he pays tribute to Dime with this drink.

Black Tooth Grin Drink

Recipe by Maurice Beaver
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The Black Tooth Grin is not a sipping drink. It’s meant to get you drunk super fast! Please drink responsibly and if it starts to go down like water – stop drinking!


  • 1.25 ounces of Crown Royal

  • 1.25 ounces of Seagram’s 7

  • 3 drops of cola


  • Add Crown Royal and Seagram’s 7 to a Rocks Glass filled with Ice
  • Delicately add 3 drops or a splash of Cola for a touch of colour
  • Follow up with a tall boy of Coors Lite chaser (optional)


  • I never make this proper myself and usually just add a splash of coke to two shots of Crown royal.
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Can I use any Blended Whiskey for a Black Tooth Grin?

Technically, no but on the other hand, I doubt Dimebag Darrell would care. He’d just want you to “Getcha’ Pull” on. Crown Royal was Dime’s favourite Whiskey (he was buried with bottles of Crown Royal along with one of Eddie Van Halen’s guitars) so it’s recommended you at least go with Crown if you don’t have any Seagram’s 7 kicking around.