Grasshopper Cocktail

The Grasshopper is made with Green Crème de Menth, White Crème de Cacao and Light Cream. I’ve never had anyone order this from me on purpose, but I do remember seeing them all the time on placemats at Chinese Food restaurants in the 80s. I’ve made a few for myself, and they are delicious, tasting like a minty chocolate chip ice cream.


Recipe by Maurice BeaverCuisine: Cocktail
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Minty, creamy and chocolatey, the Grasshopper is a refreshing desert cocktail.


  • 1 1/4 oz. Green Crème de Menthe

  • 1 1/4 oz. White Crème de Cacao

  • 1 1/4 oz. Half and Half


  • Add ingredients to a cocktail shaker full of ice.
  • Strain into a Martini glass.
  • Garnish with a mint sprig.


  • Nutmeg, shaved chocolate, and nutmeg are other garnishes to consider.
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Grasshopper Milkshake

An alternative way to make a Grasshopper is to use ice cream instead of table cream. Plop all the ingredients into a blender with your booze, plus add a bit of milk, and you’ve got a minty chocolate treat! (garnish with Oreo crumbs for additional ‘wow’ factor.

Should I order a Grasshopper in a bar?

Unless you see a Grasshopper featured on the drink menu, a Grasshopper is something you should most likely make at home. Many of the bars you go to probably won’t have the Crème de Cacao and/or the Green Crème de Menthe on hand. I know the bar I worked at on and off for 30 years had the ingredients on hand, but the bottles were there years before I even started. (I know this as I cursed them every time I had to do inventory as it was two more things to count)

The Grasshopper hasn’t been in style for decades, but maybe it’ll make a comeback.