Ricky Martini

The Ricky Martini is made from Absolut Peppar vodka, Absolut Mandrin Vodka, Cointreau, Cranberry Juice and Rose’s Lime Juice. This cocktail is a fun take on the popular pop singer Ricky Martin.

Absolut Peppar is a vodka infused with the flavour of Fresh Black Pepper and was developed to be used in a Bloody Mary. The Absolut Peppar gives this citrus cocktail a pleasant spicy kick.

Ricky Martini

Recipe by Maurice BeaverCuisine: Martini
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The Ricky Martini is a citrusy cocktail with a black pepper kick. Much like Ricky Martin who merges smooth pop music with a Latino kick.


  • 1 oz. Absolut Peppar Vodka

  • 1 oz. Absolut Mandrin Vodka

  • 1/4 oz. Cointreau

  • 1/4 oz. Cranberry Juice

  • 1/8 oz. Rose’s Lime Juice


  • Add ingredients to a Cocktail Shaker full of Ice.
  • Shake until Frothy and pour into a Martini Glass.
  • Garnish with a Jalapeno Stuffed Olive.
  • Live La Vida Loca